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After Schumer Tries To Close Down The Senate – GOP Senators Just Stood Up And Shut Him Down



Since last week’s Supreme Court hearings, Democrats have continued to rail against the potential confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. They believe it should wait until after the presidential election.

The latest attempt to derail the process came from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — just yesterday, he moved to close down the Senate until after the November election.

But the motion didn’t get far.

Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, shot down Schumer’s attempt. In fact, Schumer made two attempts to stop the Barrett confirmation from going through.

The first was essentially a procedural roadblock, and it involved the Community Reinvestment Act.

Schumer said he would “bring up a vote under the Congressional Review Act and force Action on a resolution to undo the Trump administration’s gutting … of the Community Reinvestment Act.”

But this motion failed as well. Via Fox News:

That vote failed 43-48 along party lines. Schumer then motioned to adjourn the Senate until after the presidential election.

After he was told his motion was out of order, he appealed that ruling and then motioned to table his own appeal, essentially putting up a motion in opposition of his own effort to close down the Senate, but making senators go on the record on the issue in the process.

So, Schumer tried one tactic and because it didn’t work, he then attempted to simply shut down the Senate until after the election.

Neither maneuver succeeded, however.

The Senate Minority Leader has a history of trying to take over the Senate floor. For example, he recently forced a vote on a measure that would ban the Justice Department from declaring the ACA unconstitutional.

And again, Schumer thought he could find a way to delay Barrett’s confirmation.

Unfortunately for him, the Republican-controlled Senate just wouldn’t allow it. They won’t adjourn until after the Nov. 3 presidential election, and things should move forward as planned.

Part of that plan is certainly ACB’s confirmation, which Republicans hope will happen before the end of the month.

But don’t expect Schumer and other Democrat leaders to go quietly.

It seems apparent they’re going to fight against this nomination until it actually becomes official.

Key Takeaways:

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tried a couple tactics to stop Amy Comey Barrett’s confirmation.
  • The first was shot down, so Schumer attempted to get the Senate to adjourn until after the election. But this too was defeated.
  • Democrats will continue to fight against Barrett’s confirmation, but Republicans appear confident it’ll happen before November.
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