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Biden’s Social Security Closet Swings Open – Unlike Trump, Joe Wanted To Freeze Seniors’ Social Security In The ’80s



One of Joe Biden’s talking points on the 2020 trail is that President Trump plans to take away many things from the American people: Obamacare, pre-existing conditions, and Social Security and Medicare.

Trump has said just the opposite, and Biden’s Social Security accusation was based on Trump deferring the payroll tax until the end of 2020 to help people struggling to get by.

But Biden? He’s actually on record fighting against Ronald Reagan’s tax cut policies, and he repeatedly put up policies that would have made cuts to Social Security increases to keep up with inflation. From Breitbart:

“So, when those of my friends in the Democratic and Republican Party say to me, ‘How do you expect me to vote for your proposal? Does it not freeze Social Security [cost of living adjustments] for 1 year? Are we not saying there will be no cost-of-living increases for one year?’ The answer to that is ‘Yes,’ that is what I am saying,” he told the Senate, adding that without reining in the deficit more difficult decisions would be required later.

So Joe was willing to freeze COLA adjustments? Now, we know that doesn’t usually amount to enough for most seniors, but it at least helps keep up with inflation and the cost of Medicare.

And Trump didn’t miss the opportunity to show Americans the difference between himself and Biden.

He hit Biden hard with a short new ad clearing up how he has helped seniors:



And Trump just spoke directly to seniors in Florida:


Which candidate do you think cares more for seniors—for their retirement, their healthcare, and their Social Security and Medicare benefits?

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