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President Trump Is Closing In Fast – He Just Cut The Polls In Half In Swing States Of Florida And Pennsylvania



What’s Happening:

The mainstream media keeps pushing pollings that suggest Trump is way behind Joe Biden.

They seem to be ignoring the massive enthusiasm Trump enjoys and the utter lack of interest shown by liberal voters for Biden.

But, if you bothered to check out recent polls, you’d discover a trend that might surprise you.

Even left-wing pollsters are admitting that Trump is quickly closing in—and just in time:

President Donald Trump, though still trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in nearly every battleground poll, does appear to be making up ground in two of the states the campaign views as integral to his reelection chances.

Biden’s leads in Florida and Pennsylvania have been effectively halved over the past week, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Several polls from swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania show Biden losing support, while Trump is actually gaining support.

Is this because voters are suddenly changing their minds? Or is it because pollsters are starting to be a tiny bit more honest with their results?

We know that many Trump supporters refuse to answer polls. Approximately 61% of Americans don’t even like talking publicly about who they support.

That is enough to prove that pollsters aren’t finding real Trump supporters.

And that’s not even getting into how pollsters are often accused of oversampling Democrats and certain demographics, casting further doubt on their results.

But for the polls to be changing this much, even with these factors in mind, should have Biden worried.

In 2016, we saw a slight shift in polls just before Election Day—signifying Clinton was in trouble.

As if on cue, it’s happening again.

Those who were so confident Biden was going to win now don’t seem to certain.

Hmm… maybe they shouldn’t have been releasing suppression polls for months. Instead, they should have been listening to real Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • New polls reveal Trump is gaining in swing states Florida and Pennsylvania.
  • Pollsters are known for oversampling Democrats and ignoring Republicans.
  • This shift might suggest even liberal voters are breaking for Trump.
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