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Trump Fans Gather At New York BLM Mural – Then They Unfurl “The World’s Biggest Trump Flag” Over It



The presidential election is just weeks away, and advocates for both sides are coming out in droves. There’s just an unprecedented amount of energy and enthusiasm in the political world.

And neither side has any problem making some noise … even if that means ruffling a few feathers. Just ask several dozen Donald Trump supporters in New York City.

They just made headlines — and in a way, left-wing supporters might not like.

The Trump fans in question gathered outside Donald’s Fifth Avenue residence on Tuesday afternoon. They chose the location because they wanted to unveil something very special.

The group calls it the “world’s biggest Trump flag;” this monster show of love for the President comes in at 75 feet by 50 feet, and it certainly got plenty of attention.

But then the supporters took things a step further (via Breitbart):

Dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside his Fifth Avenue residence on Tuesday afternoon, unveiling what they say is the ‘world’s biggest Trump flag,’ according to photos and videos.

The 75-foot by 50-foot flag, which reads ‘Trump: Law and Order,’ was unveiled over a painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on the street.

That’s right, the group purposely unfurled the giant flag over a huge Black Lives Matter mural painted on the street.

It’s a move bound to cause some bad feelings on the left, but that wasn’t about to deter these supporters. They executed “Operation Flag Drop” (per their Facebook page) without delay.

Then they marched down Fifth Avenue with the flag, all the way to Times Square.

As they went, the fans continued to chant, “Four more years” and, “Whose streets, our streets.” Videos and pictures of the demonstration quickly started to spread across social media.

The group, which has nearly 140,000 Facebook members, even got the attention of Trump’s son, Eric:


Perhaps this display of patriotism is even more notable, simply considering the location. New York City is widely considered to be a major Democrat stronghold at this point.

However, perhaps that’s precisely why the group decided to unveil the flag in that city.

Maybe they just wanted to send a clear and powerful message: there are indeed Trump supporters in NYC, and they’re not afraid to show it.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump supporters gathered at his residence in NYC to unveil the “world’s largest Trump flag.”
  • They unfurled it over a Black Lives Matter mural on the street.
  • Then they marched with the flag to Times Square, chanting “Four more years” and “whose streets, our streets!”
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