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Powell calls for criminal probe into those who gave Dominion a $100 million+ contract



Appearing on Newsmax TV, pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell argued Dominion contracts warrant a criminal probe.

In July of 2019 AJC reported “Georgia officials awarded a contract for 30,000 new voting machines to Dominion Voting on Monday, scrapping the state’s 17-year-old electronic voting equipment and replacing it with touchscreens that print out paper ballots.

The $107 million contract will switch Georgia from its longtime elections company, Election Systems & Software, following complaints about malfunctioning machines and unverifiable results during the November midterm election.”

Powell told Tom Basile and Mark Halperin on Newsmax “There should be an investigation, a thorough criminal investigation, frankly, of everyone involved in acquiring the Dominion System for the state of Georgia.”

“And frankly for every other state,” she continued “given how appalling the system is and the fact it was designed to manipulate the votes and destroy the real votes of American citizens who were casting legal votes.”

Powell indicated her investigation is turning up potential criminal allegations, including “money or benefits being paid to family members of those who signed the contract for Georgia.”

“I think there are multiple people in the Secretary of State’s office and other that should be investigated in Georgia for what benefits they might have received for giving Dominion the $100-million, no-bid contract,” Powell said.

You can watch the video here. 


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